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To reserve our Website Theatre Package please contact our Concierge Tuesday thru Saturday 10am-6pm Eastern Standard Time at 212.277.8721" promoUrls(0) = "" Dim form_email_address, isSuccessfulSend isSuccessfulSend = false form_email_address = Request.Form("email_address") If form_email_address <> "" Then Dim objConn, sSQL, objRS set objConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") objConn.Open DB_CONN_STRING sSQL = "INSERT INTO promotions_subscribe(email_address, added_on) VALUES('" & StrQuoteReplace(form_email_address) & "','" & Now() & "')" ' Response.Write sSQL Set objRS = objConn.Execute(sSQL) Set objRS = Nothing CloseDatabaseConnection(objConn) ' Send email confirmation to customer Set objMail = Server.CreateObject("SMTPsvg.Mailer") objMail.FromName = "The Mansfield Hotel - New York" objMail.FromAddress = "reservations@mansfieldhotel.com" objMail.Subject = "The Mansfield Hotel - Packages and Special Promotions" objMail.RemoteHost = "scriptmail.intermedia.net" objMail.AddRecipient form_email_address, form_email_address objMail.AddBCC "jmancuso@mansfieldhotel.com", "jmancuso@mansfieldhotel.com" objMail.AddBCC "willow@abstractedge.com", "willow@abstractedge.com" Dim tempString tempString = "Thank you for signing up to receive information on packages and special promotions. We make this information available only to our most valued guests." & vbCrLf & vbCrLf tempString = tempString & "The Mansfield Hotel, New York" & vbCrLf tempString = tempString & "/" & vbCrLf tempString = tempString & "212.277.8700" & vbCrLf objMail.BodyText = tempString If objMail.SendMail Then isSuccessfulSend = true Else Response.Write "" End If End If %> Boutique Hotel Deals In Midtown NYC - The Mansfield Hotel <% HitBoxPageName = "promotions" HitBoxContentCategory = "mansfield" %>

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