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Italian-designed TechnoGym equipment includes state-of-the-art treadmills, elliptical trainers and weights. Hidden light fixtures and an innovative use of colors and lighting creates the illusion of being outdoors, reinforcing the fitness room’s soothing ambiance. Above the equipment area is a stretching loft for warming up, cooling down or private yoga practice.

Amenities & Equipment:

TechnoGym Excite Run 700 Treadmills / TechnoGym Excite Synchro 700 Elyptical Trainers / TechnoGym Excite Bike 700 Bicycle Trainers / Free Weights / Adjustable Incline & Flat Bench / Dedicated Yoga Area with Personal Mats / Yoga & Tension Straps / Yoga Balls / Complimentary Water / Complimentary Towel Service